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"Sometimes we have to be brave enough to switch the screens off in order to switch ourselves back on. To disconnect in order to reconnect." -Matt Haig

Our mission is to change lives and better our community by inspiring our minds and bodies together through cycling by:

  • Authentic leadership and connection

  • Bridging indoor and outdoor cycling & build a city-wide cycling culture

  • Cohesive environment that is inclusive of all age, race, gender, shape, experience

  • Empower the good in every member for better health and humanity

Our sunflower brand represents pride in our community, and it symbolizes a unified vitality, faithfulness and friendship. The bike wheel brings us together while in constant motion... to do life together. loVELO is committed to community outreach through positive camaraderie, cycle education, and scholarship memberships.

The real "about" loVELO are the members...YOU!

Mission: About
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