Meet Our Coaches

We introduce you to our fun, energetic and life-living coaches. We have Kansas City's best cycling/spin instructors that focus on authenticity, inspiration, and community connection. It's not just fitness coaching, it's life coaching too! See ya soon at loVELO.



Spin. Flex. Ride.

Dreamer, creator, and owner of loVELO, Becca brings the grit and grace to our team. She is a self-funded entrepreneur through her existing photography business. You can enjoy her sunflower wall murals on display throughout the studio. She is also a former professional dancer and currently leads up a pilates based program to train dancers on core conditioning and corrective muscle memory. You will find her community team spirit and inspiration contagious.



Spin. Flex. Ride.

Muscle, heart, and motivator of loVELO, David brings the let's-do-this to our team. He is the hands-on and problem solver of every nut and bolt, creation of our space. As a former Army Ranger, his leadership style and positive motivation is one of a kind. Be sure to thank him for his service!

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Advisor, supporter, and athlete of loVELO, Chris brings the endurance to our team. Full time business man and rockstar dad, his passion lies in marathon running and full century cycling. He's a man of faith, foundation, and kindness.



Spin. Flex.

Experience, energy, and rocker of loVELO, this soon to be named coach brings expertise and joy to our team. She is an award winning athlete including being a member of the USA cycling duathlon team! Get ready for her wild ride.