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Doing Life Together

Spinning Class
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Indoor Spin Sessions
Outdoor Cycle Coaching

Keep pedaling indoors! We offer private/small group indoor cycle sessions designed to music for a fun, motivating, and eccentric workout.

Keep pedaling outdoors! We also offer private or group coaching for outdoor cycling; on the road, on the trails, or in the woods! 


Flexibility & Mobility Classes

FLEXIBILITY: Our program is uniquely effective and scientifically proven to increase flexibility of all skills and ages with instant results. Immediately see improvements in alignment, injury prevention, balance, posture, and better mental health. 

moBALLity: A mat-based pilates class with use of fusion balls to develop stronger core and overall strength foundation. 

BOOTility: A circuit based energetic class for development of overall body and core strength. A full body workout in a short amount time that is fast paced and adaptable for all.


Stability & Flexibility Classes

(for 6-12th graders)

Improve your athletes stability and flexibility with Ms Becca's one-of-a-kind fusion of pillar strength and safe stretching. Immediately notice change in posture, range of motion, injury prevention, and muscle recovery. 25 years experience in youth coaching. IFTA, CPR/FA, PBT, AF certified. 10+ years in adult fitness/pilates training. Former collegiate and NFL dancer.  Character based teaching principles. 

Sports Athletic Class: focused on balance, alignment, and flexibility

Artistic Athletic Class: focused on pillar strength, and advanced flexibility

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